Strange Continents at Westin DIA

 Strange Continents, a public commission for the city of Denver at the new Westin Hotel at Denver International Aiport, is now open. The piece is installed on two walls of the first level corridor of the new hotel, the main entrance to the hotel from the transit areas. The piece is a total of over 150 feet long, and was hand painted onsite in latex paint. Dimensional areas were cut from cast resin, 3Form, by the local fabricator, Demiurge. The piece opened to the public with the opening of the Westin Hotel on November 19,2015.

A statement for the piece:

The imagery for Strange Continents is derived from hundreds of photographs of the Platte River at Confluence Park in Denver, where it flows over a series of man-made boulders, creating a waterfall that cascades through the park. These photographs were digitally manipulated to arrive at a vocabulary of shapes that were composed to resemble a global map. The dichotomies of natural and urban, local and global are central to the piece, and reflect a broader interest in the relationship between growing cities and their natural environments. Here, the use of color references global maps and inserts larger themes of geography and travel. The materials in the piece – latex paint and cut resin – are both architectural and residential, emphasizing the urban quality of the piece. Ultimately, Strange Continents is also about the space, a long corridor. The piece progresses at a pedestrians pace in either direction, unwinding at each end. The piece flows through the space like the river it references, and it invites reflection along its course.

Photos of Strange Continents are courtesy of Kyler Deutmeyer

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