The geography of looking at Rule Gallery

My current exhibition, The geography of looking, opened March 9, 2012 at Rule Gallery in Denver to a great crowd. The show will continue through April 21, and this Thursday, April 5, I will be giving an artist talk in the space at 6pm. The installation shot above shows the new wall painting for the exhibition, titled Precipice. Below is an image of the north wall, including works on paper from 2011 and 2012.

The exhibition recently had a very positive review in the Denver Post, “Artist Mindy Bray’s Wide View of the New West”, written by Ray Mark Rinaldi. From the article:

In a way, Bray has unsettled the landscape, turned back the clock. Her paintings are not prehistoric, but they appear pre-logging, pre-highway, pre-subdivision. That allows her to explore them in a fresh and uncomplicated way.

With the exhibit at Rule, Bray takes her world to an even richer dimension. In addition to the works hanging on the wall, she has linked a large-scale, site-specific painting created directly on the wall. It is a giant mess of a map that begs to be reconstructed by the viewer, then identified and located among the lands we Westerners love to drive, hike and raft through. But it’s impossible really; there aren’t enough landmarks to place it.

It’s in the fun of trying, and the frustration of failing, that Bray’s point of view becomes clear. Everything we see can’t be ordered, conquered. Sometimes we must be content just seeing it. These works sacrifice the beauty that is often contained in landscape paintings and photographs and in exchange give us a lesson in looking.

You can view the entire article online here.


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